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About Us

A. D. Stokes, LLC Forensic Consulting and Accident Reconstruction is a consulting firm specializing in forensic accident investigation and reconstruction, and litigation support from the initial claim through discovery and trial.  Our clients include large and small insurance companies and law firms as A. D. Stokes, LLC provides the expert opinions, reconstructions and demonstrations that can be crucial to the effective resolution of insurance claims and civil and criminal litigation issues. In 1954, University of Florida engineering professor and graduate Frank Flanagan realized a need for a new kind of consultant.  Because of that realization and the work he did in furtherance of it, Flanagan became one of the first experts in the state of Florida to be qualified in court as an expert in the field of accident reconstruction.  Many of the precedents set in this field are the result of his work and testimony.  In the ensuing years, Frank Flanagan’s name became synonymous with accident reconstruction.  Alan Stokes is part of two subsequent generations of UF engineering graduates that continue the work that Flanagan began.

A. D. Stokes, LLC, through Alan D. Stokes, continues the exemplary practices of our predecessors while using the most up to date tools and standards, proven formulas and methods, and the latest techniques to serve the investigative, analytical, reconstruction, testimony and courtroom needs of clients throughout the Southern United States and beyond.

From the very first case A. D. Stokes, LLC has provided invaluable support to hundreds of clients with myriad issues and investigations of accidents, incidents, injuries and fatalities through dedication to long-standing methods of investigation and testing, the most current technology and tools, and the ability to provide the best level of analysis and reconstruction for the client’s needs both in the courtroom and out, from elemental evaluation of case viability to testing and calculations to detailed models and diagrams and 3-D animation representing the most accurate and likely chain of events that led to the accident.  Through this ‘modus operandi’ of sound technical analysis and evaluation A. D. Stokes, LLC provides complete and well-supported expert opinions that can stand up to the challenging scrutiny of depositions and trials.  And A. D. Stokes, LLC works on behalf of plaintiff and defense alike, civil and criminal.  This proven lack of bias or favoritism is fundamental to the credibility of A. D. Stokes, LLC and the opinions provided, as well as the satisfaction of our clients.